Vital Natural Fibre /Plantago Psyllium Husk/Plantago Ovata


Vital Natural Fibre /Plantago Psyllium Husk/Plantago Ovata

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Vital Fibre

Content in 100g:
Plantago Psyllium   80g
shells of Plantango Ovatea 20g

Specially selected mix of Plantago Psyllium and Plantaginis Ovatea seminis tegumentum rich in high content of fiber and mucilages which have very positive effect on work of the digestive system, stimulate bowel function and eliminate constipation. Fiber and mucilages accelerate in Plantago Psyllium and Plantaginis Ovatea seminis tegumentum speeds up bowel and digestive system cleansing of toxins, which is beneficial for the health of the whole body.
Swell in the stomach causing a feeling of fullness.

Seeds of Plantago Psyllium (Plantaginis psyllium semen) and shells of Plantango Ovatea (Plantaginis ovatea seminis tegumentum) have properties which are  conductive to the reconstruction of the micro-flora of the digestive system resulting in the development of beneficial bacteria, which help in the production of some vitamins and also strengthen the immune system.
It helps to control the proper level of cholesterol which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Twice a day, 6g (equivalent to 2 flat spoons – enclosed inside the package). Mix in a glass of warm water and drink before a meal within 5 minutes after prepared the mixture.
Dietary supplement, can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Do not exceed the recommended amount of daily use.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Keep away from children.
Not to be given to children under 6 years.
Do not use with  hypersensitivity to the components of product.
If you are taking any medication always leave one hour gap in between taking fiber product and medication.
Do not use the product in the following cases: pathological stenosis of the digestive system, digestive system obstruction,bowel obstruction (ileus), severe diabetes.


360g, 720g


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