Vital Minerals Citric Acid E330 Monohydrate Food Grade


Vital Minerals Citric Acid E330 Monohydrate Food Grade

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Vital Minerals Citric Acid E330 Monohydrate Food Grade

This is 80g – 1kg of Citric Acid (food grade) supplied in resealable doypack pouch with grip and heat seal or plastic bottle

Food additive

Citric acid is also used as a flavouring and preservative in food and beverages, for example soft drinks. It is denoted by E number E330.

Water softening

Citric acid’s ability to chelate metals makes it useful in soaps and laundry detergents. By chelating the metals in hard water, it lets these cleaners produce foam and work better without need for water softening.

Cleaning agent

Citric acid can be used for many cleaning purposes such as kettle descaling.

How to Make a Citric Acid Cleaning Spray (plastic-free!) – Moral Fibres

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning with Citric Acid – Purdy & Figg (

for other vital minerals cleaning agents: You searched for cleaner – Vital Minerals (

Bath Bombs

Vital Minerals Citric Acid E330 Monohydrate Food Grade


Easy Homemade Lemonade recipe:
3 lemons chopped
1k sugar
1 tsp citric acid
4.5 ltr boiling water
Pour the bag of sugar into a large mixing bowl.
Add the boiling water, the citric acid and chopped lemons.
Leave overnight.
Strain out the lemon pieces.
Bottle and dilute to taste.
If you experiment by making lemonade in smaller batches, you can play around until you come up with your own brilliant family recipe. Try oranges instead of lemons for a sweeter taste or add some lime juice for an extra zing. Or maybe raspberries or ginger or cherries, or vanilla or honey or ginseng – the list is endless!

Kettle descale

Use 2 TBLs/ / litre. Boil it together .Rinse with fresh water.
If you have aluminium parts use 1TBLs / litre

Bath bombs

Use the Citric Acid with Sodium Bicarbonate in the ratio of 3 parts Sodium Bicarbonate to 1 part citric acid as the base to creating your bath bombs.
The chemical reaction between water, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid produces the fizz and bubbles when a finished bath bomb hits the water.

Home brewing

20gm dissolved in a small amount of warm water per 9litres adding prior to fermentation.1 teaspoon is the equivalent to the juice of one lemon.



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