Pure Lecithin Sunflower 100 / deoiled / supplement diet /GMO Free

Pure Lecithin Sunflower 100 / deoiled / supplement diet / GMO Free


Pure Lecithin Sunflower 100 / deoiled / supplement diet /GMO Free

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This is 360g – 720g Sunflower Lecithin 100 (food grade) supplied in doypack pouch with grip and heat seal.


What is Sunflower Lecithin 100?

Sunflower Lecithin 100 is purely natural concentrated deoiled herbal supplement human diet, which is an alternative to Soya Lecithin.
Sunflower as a plant is not related to genetic modification and does not contain allergens.
Sunflower Lecithin has a number of beneficial phospholipids. The main active ingredient is choline .Lecithin is a type of phospholipid found in pure sunflower seeds and is a natural source of phosphatidylcholine, which in the human body is present in every cell of the body, especially as a component of cell membranes and is a very important component f brain and nerve tissue. In fact your brain is approximately 30% lecithin.
Get more nourishment for you your brain with non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin ,which can be easily blended into smoothies or sprinkled over salads ,soups or yogurt.

The important role of Sunflower Lecithin 100 in the human body:

It is highly bio-active phospholipid substance present in the
nerve cells that protects them against degenerative processes.
It is a component of all cell membranes and allows the
passage of nutrients into cells. Sunflower Lecithin 100 acts as
bioregulator nervous system, stimulates its functions,
strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory, and
regeneration with increased physical exertion. With lecithin
it becomes easier learning, decision-making.
Sunflower Lecithin 100 has a positive effect on the level of fat
and cholesterol in the blood by reducing the risk of
atherosclerosis and associated cardiovascular diseases.
Sunflower Lecithin 100 has a positive effect on the muscular
system among other things, increases muscle strength the
efficiency of blood circulation. Very important component of
the brain and nervous tissue, a precursor of acetylcholine a
barrier wall of the stomach, liver protective functions, increases
the efficiency of blood circulation, prevent liver cirrhosis and
hepatic steatosis ,kidney and heart, improves concentration
and memory-food for the nerves, increases resistance to stress,
accelerates regeneration of the body after exercise.


Recommended dosage:

1-2 teaspoon of Sunflower Lecithin 1-2 times a day.
With the increased cholesterol the daily dose is possible after consultation with a doctor.


Sunflower Lecithin 100 should be stored in airtight packaging
and secured against moisture and light, in a dry area.
Temperature below 20 C.


360g, 720g


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