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Silica Gel Orange

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Molecular formula: SiO2

Silica gel orange self indicating level of use. There is a chart on the label. Supplied in aluminium doypack pouch with resealable zip grip and heat seal.


Orange Silica Gel has been accepted as the perfect substitute for the indicating type blue silica gel as it is impregnated with an organic indicator. With silicon dioxide as the main ingredient it has all the properties of blue silica gel but does not contains cobalt chloride. The composite dyeing agent without pollution to the environment has been successfully adopted during the manufacturing process of the orange silica gel.When in dry state the particles are dark orange in appearance, as the particles take up moisture the colour gradually changes from orange to dark green thereby indicating that Silica Gel has adsorbed moisture and requires immediate replacement or regeneration. The orange silica gel has won unprecedented acknowledgment and praise from the clients since its commercial introduction into the markets.

When most people get a packet of silica gel in a shoe box or beef jerky packet, their instinct is to toss it. But savvy DIYers have long known that the omnipresent desiccants are good for a lot more than keeping jerky dry.

Use in underwater camera casings
Underwater camera casings are great fun, but even if stray moisture and condensation don’t ruin your camera, they can fog or streak across your lens. Fight this by stashing a packet or two of silica gel in the underwater casing, along with the camera.

Toss them in your toolbox to keep your tools free of oxidation
“I am a line mechanic for Delta Airlines. We do all our work here outside since we don’t have a hangar. So when an aircraft arrives with maintenance issues I have to wheel my tools outside, leaving them vulnerable to weather, and sometimes my toolbox gets filled with snow or rain. I have found that if I put two desiccant packs per drawer in my toolbox, it is just enough to dry them out and keep my tools from oxidation.”
Submitted by Aaron from Indianapolis

Dry out a wet cell phone
This one’s an old favourite. If your phone becomes the unfortunate victim of a spill or swim, you can still rescue it—you just need to act fast. Remove the battery and any memory cards from the phone, then toss it in a bowl filled with silica gel packets (dry rice will work, too, in a pinch). Leave it there at least overnight before powering it on again.

Keep engines dry while in storage
“I fly ultralight aircraft and use silica gel in my engines (snowmobile engines converted for aircraft use). I put the gel in old plastic 35-mm film canisters. I drill holes in the canisters smaller than the beads so they don’t come out, and I put one inside each carburettor intake to help keep moisture out of the engine while it is in storage during the winter. This helps keep the bearings from pitting and the internal parts of the engine from rusting. Snowmobilers could benefit from this during the summer while their sleds are not being used. ”
Submitted by Anonymous

Extend the life of razor blades
“It is understood that oxidation on razor blades causes premature dulling. I keep a Tupperware half full of silica gel in my medicine cabinet. After each shave, I blot any residual water off the blade and store the razor in the Tupperware with the silica gel.”
Submitted by Russell from Madison, WI

Fight camera condensation
If you’re taking your camera out into the cold, it can face serious condensation when you bring it back into a warm room. Remove the battery and memory card, and place the camera in a bowl of silica gel to suck up the moisture.

Dry out wet fishing flies

use silica to dry out my flies when fishing on a favourite stream.  crush or ground the silica into powder form, then place it in a film canister. When fly becomes waterlogged,place it into the canister, put the cap on, shake it for a bit, and done- fly is dry again.”

Create a dry travel bag
This one’s for the road warriors. Toss a few packets of silica into a Ziplock bag to make an instant travel gadget bag, with enough water-fighting ability to withstand accidental luggage spills.

Silica gel is really not a gel; it comes in little beads sealed into the packet. Silica gel has the ability to absorb water that causes mold or moisture damage. It can absorb up to 40 percent of its weight. Silica gel is non-toxic and non-flammable. It doesn’t create any environmental hazards.

Have any old photographs or papers you want to preserve? Put a silica gel pack in a Ziploc bag or air-tight box and add your old photos to store them indefinitely. You can even put in keepsakes, such as your wedding favours or collectibles including baseball cards.

If you save your own seeds for planting next year, storing them so they don’t mold is important. Add a silica gel packet to your container, making sure it’s airtight. Store the different seeds in small envelopes and then put them all in an airtight container together with the silica gel packet. You only need one per shoe box-sized container.

Boating and Fishing
When you’re out on the water, you need to protect your cell phone, your car’s keyless remote, or maybe an iPod from getting wet. You can buy watertight containers for this, but small amounts of moisture can get in when you have it open. Humidity isn’t good for electronics. Add a packet of silica gel to keep your items as dry as possible.

In the Home
Silica gel will keep silver from tarnishing, so add a packet to a jewellery box or cupboard where you store silver dishes and platters.
Do you store leather shoes or boots for the summer? Put them in airtight bags/boxes with one or two silica gel packets to ensure they don’t mold. This is particularly helpful in Southern climates, where the long, humid summers can affect closets that don’t have air conditioning vents inside. The same works for linen closets. Because silica gel is odourless, you can add something for a nice smell like lavender or potpourri.

Storage and Recharging
Because silica gel absorbs moisture, store extra packets in an air-tight container or zip lock bag until you need them.
Silica gel can be recharged by drying it out. Put the packets on a tray in a warm oven, about 175 to 200 degrees, for about 15 minutes. This reactivates the silica. Note that microwaving doesn’t work to recharge the packets. You have to use a traditional oven.
Silica gel is not considered an environmental hazard so when you’re ready, it’s OK to throw it in the trash.



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