Sideritis Scardica – Mountain Tea – Ironwort – GMO FREE

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Sideritis Scardica – Mountain Tea – Ironwort – GMO FREE

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Ironwort – Mountain tea Sideritis Scandica

Mountain Tea is a drink popular in Central-Easter Europe: mostly in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Albania. In Bulgaria it is considered an aphrodisiac, hence known as a “Bulgarian Viagra”. In ancient times Ironwort (Sideritis scardica) was used as a herbal remedy for wounds inflicted by iron.

Traditionally the herb is used for improvement of digestion, stimulates the cardiovascular system and as a supportive agent in cold, cough, influenza and allergy. In traditional medicine Mountain tea is used mostly in therapy of acute and chronic bronchitis, dyspnoea in course of renal disease, chronic gastritis, and for improvement of physical and mental strength. It is also used as a remedy for damaged liver.

The plant contains significant amounts of iron. Therefore it may be used for balancing of the iron content in the organism. It has a favourable effect on the cardiovascular system and the immunological system. It can quickly relieve fatigue.

Mountain tea contains significant amounts of flavonoids, tannins, antioxidants, iron, cobalt, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium and essential oils.

Mountain Tea/Ironwort:

– has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and strengthening effect,
– contains tannins, essential oils and is a natural antioxidant,
– is a reach source of iron,
– has a strengthening effect and improves the general feeling,
– is a rich source of minerals, including zinc, sodium, magnesium, copper and cobalt,
– supports the cardiovascular system,
– improves the immunological system,
– supports elimination of accumulated toxins,
– naturally regulates blood pressure and body temperature,
– relieves fatigue and anaemia,
– it is believed to be an effective aphrodisiac, hence it is sometimes called a “Bulgarian Viagra”
– according to various sources, has a favourable effect in renal diseases, hepatic disorders, respiratory problems.
“According to the recent study completed by German scientists, ironwort may hopefully be a key to treatment of Alzheimer disease”

Tea for renal problems

Initially the herb was given to soldiers, to speed the process of wound healing and regeneration of strength up. The Latin name Siceritis originating from the Greek work seetheros (iron) is a reflection of belief that the herb is a remedy for those with wounds inflicted by iron blades. Besides improved wound healing, ironwort has also an analgesic and bactericidal effect. At present it is used for cold, flu and upper respiratory tract problems. It is effective in renal diseases, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal problems. It is told to improve both physical and mental condition. The plant also regulates blood pressure and body temperature.


Put 1 teaspoonful of Mountain Tea in a glass and pour hot water. Brew for 3-5 minutes under cover.
In case of gastrointestinal problems it is good to drink that infusion an hour before a meal.Punch with ironwortA recipe for 1 litre of punch
-a bottle (750 ml) of white wine
-250 ml of water,
-8 teaspoonfuls of ironwort
-1-2 cinnamon sticks,
-2 tablespoonfuls of honey,
-juice of one lemon
-fruit (tangerines, apples, oranges)Preparation:Heat wine with water, add ironwort, cinnamon sticks, honey and lemon juice. Add sliced fruit and boil for a minute. Wait to cool down, filter ironwort and cinnamon off. Ready to drink 🙂

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