Phosphoric Acid 75%


Phosphoric Acid 75%

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Molecular formula: H3PO4

Phosphoric acid 75% supplied in HDPE bottle


Chemical reagent
Rust removal
Preparation of hydrogen halides
Medical use
Other applications
Phosphoric acid is used as an external standard for phosphorus-31 Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).
Phosphoric acid is used for high-performance liquid chromatography.
Phosphoric acid is used as a chemical oxidizing agent for activated carbon production, as used in the Wentworth Process.
Phosphoric acid is used as the electrolyte in phosphoric acid fuel cells.
Phosphoric acid is used with distilled water (2–3 drops per gallon) as an electrolyte in oxyhydrogen (HHO) generators.
Phosphoric acid is used as an electrolyte in copper electropolishing for burr removal and circuit board planarization.
Phosphoric acid is used as a flux by hobbyists (such as model railroaders) as an aid to soldering.
In compound semiconductor processing, phosphoric acid is a common wet etching agent: for example, in combination with hydrogen peroxide and water it is used to etch InGaAs selective to InP.
Hot phosphoric acid is used in microfabrication to etch silicon nitride (Si3N4). It is highly selective in etching Si3N4 instead of SiO2, silicon dioxide.
Phosphoric acid is used as a cleaner by construction trades to remove mineral deposits, cementitious smears, and hard water stains.
Phosphoric acid is also used as a chelant in some household cleaners aimed at similar cleaning tasks.
Phosphoric acid is also used in hydroponics pH solutions to lower the pH of nutrient solutions. While other types of acids can be used, phosphorus is a nutrient used by plants, especially during flowering, making phosphoric acid particularly desirable.
Phosphoric acid is used as a pH adjuster in cosmetics and skin-care products.
Phosphoric acid can be used as a dispersing agent in detergents and leather treatment.
Phosphoric acid can be used as an additive to stabilize acidic aqueous solutions within a wanted and specified pH range


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