OXALIC ACID 99% CRYSTALS | GRP Decking Cleaner rust stain remover Wood Bleach

Vital Minerals OXALIC ACID 99% CRYSTALS supplied in a resealable/heat sealed doypack. FREE P&P


OXALIC ACID 99% CRYSTALS | GRP Decking Cleaner rust stain remover Wood Bleach

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Molecular formula: C2H2O4 2H2O

This is Vital Minerals Oxalic Acid top grade supplied in resealable pouch.


The most common uses of Oxalic Acid are in tanning leather and removing rust and ink stains. In stain removal, it acts as a reducing agent (a substance that donates electrons to other substances) and is relied on by most dry cleaners for this purpose.Iron rust stains contain iron in its oxidized form (Fe III); the Oxalic Acid reduces it to its colorless reduced form (Fe II). Oxalic Acid is also used to clean metals in many industries and is also used in the purification of glycerol (glycerin).
In many industrial processes Oxalic Acid is used to remove calcium ions from solutions. The reaction of calcium ions with Oxalic Acid produces an insoluble solid, calcium oxalate..

Also great deck cleaner…..

To remove stains/wood bleach
1.Dissolve 3 x level teaspoons of Oxalic Acid into 100ml  of hot water.
2.Use solution while hot, with a scrub brush.
3.Apply liberally allowing solution to remain on surface until desired lightness has been achieved.
If solution cools before job is finished, reheat solution (do not boil).
4.Triple rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.
5.When completely dry, lightly sand the surface. Surface must be clean and completely dry (not just surface dry) before refinishing.
Incomplete drying and retained subsurface moisture can cause finish adhesion failure.After Stripping and to Lighten:
To restore wood tones (especially for oak)
Restore clarity and the natural tones of the wood without effecting the patina. Use 20 to 35g per 1 litre of hot water then apply by spray, brush or wipe on. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.Deck / GRP Hull cleaner:
1. 100g to 1litre of hot water(not boiling)
2. Apply to the hull / deck with a brush,sponge or cloth(no need to scrub) and leave for 15-20 minutes.
3.Wash off with clean water. Rust remover 1.Pour 1/2 cup dish washing liquid into a 4L bucket. Fill the remainder of the bucket with cool water.
2.Wash the rust-stained area with the dish washing liquid. Use a soft- to medium-bristled scrub brush (depending on surface type) to thoroughly clean the area. Rinse the dish washing liquid thoroughly with cool water
3.Pour 500g of Oxalic Acid into a 4L water.
4.Apply the Oxalic Acid to the rust stain. If the rust stain is on concrete, use a mop. If the rust stain is on another surface, use a sponge to apply the Oxalic Acid to the stain
5.Scrub the stain with a soft- to medium-bristled brush (depending on surface type) to lift the stain. Rinse the area thoroughly with cool water.

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