Milk Thistle ground powder | herb | detox | antioxidant | Silymarin | vitamin E

Milk Thistle ground/powder  100% GMO freesupplied in aluminium doypack pouch with grip and heat seal.


Vital Minerals Milk Thistle Ground
Milk Thistle ground powder | herb | detox | antioxidant | Silymarin | vitamin E

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This is 100g – 1kg of Milk Thistle ground/powder  100% GMO free supplied in aluminium doypack pouch with grip and heat seal.
Substances in Milk Thistle has positive affect on functioning of the brain. Silymarin reduces the adverse effects of free radicals on brain cells and prevents degenerative changes. So if you have problems with concentration and memory milk thistle may find very useful, because it prevents degenerative changes.
Based on the results, it was found that silymarin present in Milk Thistle can be helpful in the treatment of type II diabetes. Over a period of four months systematically treated milk thistle for people suffering from the disease and found that the level of glucose in their blood is normalized. It also reduced cholesterol .
Did you know that Milk Thistle oil, due to the high content of vitamin E (a potent antioxidant) is used as a supplement to other fats to prevent their oxidation? Milk Thistle oil consumption may therefore prove to be a great way to keep youth! Silymarin is also used in dermatology and skin protection. In cosmetology Milk Thistle oil is used for the production of creams, which protects the skin from free radicals (responsible of the aging of the skin). It also reduces the redness of the skin, lightens it and strengthens its regenerative abilities. Protein milk thistle fruit has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Usage and dosage of Milk Thistle

Daily dose is between 12-15 grams. Best results are achieved by long-term use of milk thistle, after about 2-3 months.


Take 1 teaspoon grounded powder (3-5 grams), pour 1 cup of hot water and boil slowly. Cook gently, covered for 5-10 min. Set aside for 15 minutes and strain.

Intoxication, diseases of the liver and gallbladder, indigestion: drink 1 glass 3 times a day half an hour  before meal.

As a antihaemorrhagic: drink every 1hour . 1 tablespoon.

When drink prophylactically dose can be reduced: drink 2 times a day 1/2 cup of the decoction.

Powdered milk thistle  can  be consumed directly in the amount of 12-15 grams per day (about 1 tablespoon).

Pour the grinded Milk thistle powder into a glass and fill with 40% alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. Leave aside for 3 weeks, regularly agitate, then filter out the extract and pour into a bottle with a dropper. Digestive disorders, migraines, or varicose veins take  3 times a day for 15-25 drops of the ready tincture . Tincture contains alcohol, so not allowed to take with cirrhosis of the liver!


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