Lemon Grass• dried spices • tea •herbs • cooking, GMO Free

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Lemon Grass• dried spices • tea •herbs • cooking, GMO Free

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Lemon grass is a herb possessing oblong leaves, resembling grass. The most aromatic part of the plant is a bulb. It has to be squashed to release the full flavour and taste.Lemon grass is a highly popular spice in South-Asian cuisine, especially in Taiwan, and on Caribbean.
It has a unique taste and aroma, resembling lemon, but with no sour taste. A note of ginger is also present. Fresh lemon grass is used for enrichment of soups, curry, salads and marinades. It is also used as an aromatic addition to soft drinks, liqueurs and deserts. Dried lemon grass may be used as an addition to tea. The herb is often used in the form of powder.Dried lemon grass is sold in the form of dried leaves, cut into fragments of an average length of 3-4 centimetres. The most important benefit associated with the use of lemon grass infusion is elimination or alleviation of alimentary problems: lemon grass is treated as an agent delicately reducing any digestion issues. Besides that it has an antibacterial and soothing effect. It is an effective antipyretic agent (reducing body temperature), eliminates flatulence and colic (reduces the volume of intestinal gases) and alleviates abdominal pain (soothes irritations). Lemon grass is also used in the kitchen. It is a highly appreciated, tasty addition to many dishes – giving an excellent lemon taste. In Asian cuisine it is an ingredient of many soups, sauces and teas.


Lemon grass gives meals a characteristic, lightly lemon taste. It is most often used for oriental or Mediterranean cuisine dishes. It is a perfect addition to soups, fish, poultry, vegetable marinades, salad dressings, jams, soft drinks and sorbets, sauces and tea.


Tincture and infusion of lemon grass have antidepressant effect and improve cognitive functions, eliminate vegetative neurosis, stimulate secretion of gastric juice, increase blood circulation and warm the body up. Lemon grass has strong bactericidal properties. Applied on the skin, lemon grass reduces secretion of sebum, refreshes and eliminates the odour of sweat. Tincture is recommended for the treatment of herpes. Lemon grass containing products are used as a remedy for laryngitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and sinusitis.


Directions for use:

1st method: For the beneficial effect on your health, use our lemon grass as an infusion (one teaspoonful of dried leaves per cup, add hot water (96°C), brew for 5-6 minutes). Drink regularly, but reasonably: not more than 4 cups a day!

2nd method: add 1 teaspoonful of lemon grass to a cup of tea. Tea drink preparation: boil lemon grass leaves for approx. 10 minutes, filter, sweeten to your taste and drink when cooled down.

*before you use any herbal medicine you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist, especially if you take various drugs.


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