L Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C E300, Pharmaceutical grade powder, 1kg bottle, FREE PP


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L Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C E300, Pharmaceutical grade powder, 1kg bottle, FREE PP


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1kg L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

This is 1kg of L-Ascorbic Acid pharmaceutical grade supplied in bottle with tamper seal under the cap. Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to meet best standard and great price.

Ascorbic acid and its sodium, potassium, and calcium salts are commonly used as antioxidant food additives. These compounds are water-soluble and thus cannot protect fats from oxidation: For this purpose, the fat-soluble esters of ascorbic acid with long-chain fatty acids (ascorbyl palmitate or ascorbyl stearate) can be used as food antioxidants.

Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin C. Normally the body obtains enough vitamin C through a proper diet, but occasionally there exists a need for vitamin C supplementation. Ascorbic acid comes in a variety of forms for oral dosing including tablets, capsules, lozenges, syrups and powders. The powdered form of ascorbic acid can be mixed in a solution and allows for easy administration.

Ascorbic acid powder can be mixed with water into a solution for drinking. It can also be sprinkled over food and eaten. Ascorbic acid in powdered form is an effective oral dosage option for those who cannot swallow pills.

Ascorbic acid powder is also used to prepare fruits for freezing. Sprinkle it on fruits or mix in a solution with water and apply to fruits prior to freezing. This application prevents the fruit from the browning discoloration caused by oxidation.

Food and Nutrition Board of the institute of Medicine recommend that men over age 18 obtain 90 mg of vitamin C per day. Women over 18 are recommended to get 75 mg per day. For adults, the maximum amount of vitamin C taken in one day should not exceed 2,000 mg. Lower amounts are recommended for children and are based specifically on age.

Who Can Benefit
Certain diseases increase the body’s need for vitamin C. These diseases include AIDS, alcoholism, cancer, hyperthyroidism and intestinal diseases. Prolonged diarrhea, fevers and infections as well as burns and stress can also increase vitamin C needs.

Other conditions are capable of causing a deficiency of vitamin C within the body. This commonly occurs in smokers, surgery patients, hemodialysis patients and people exposed to cold temperature for long periods of time.

Recommended daily dose according to Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.
Please refer to the link below

normal4 – 154 – 6
mild cold30 – 606 – 10
severe cold60 – 100+8 – 15
influenza100 – 1508 – 20
ECHO, coxsackievirus100 – 1508 – 20
mononucleosis150 – 200+12 – 25
viral pneumonia100 – 200+12 – 25
hay fever, asthma15 – 504 – 8
environmental and food allergy0.5 – 504 – 8
burn, injury, surgery25 -150+6 – 20
anxiety,exercise & mild stresses15 – 254 – 6
ankylosing spondylitis15 – 1004 – 15
Reiter’s syndrome15 – 604 – 10
acute anterior uveitis30 – 1004 – 15
rheumatoid arthritis15 – 1004 – 15
bacterial infections30 – 200+10 – 25
infectious hepatitis30 – 1006 – 15
candidiasis15 – 200+6 – 25

(Teaspoon is about 4.5 grams of product)

L-Ascorbic acid also finds useful in cosmetic.

Proposed use:

DIY Vitamin C Serum
1/4 tsp. of our ascorbic acid powder
1 tsp. pure vegetable glycerin also available from our ebay store
1 tsp. distilled water.

Direction of use:
Dissolve the vitamin C in the water. You may need to use a whisk or a blender if the powder refuses to dissolve. Stir in the glycerin.
If the powder hasn’t quite dissolved, simply shake the bottle vigorously until it does.

Serum can be applied to the skin with a cotton swab or directly with your fingers.
Leave for overnight. Wash off in the morning.
Slight tingling is a natural reaction, but too intense means that your skin does not need the dose of vitamin C. In this case, reduce the amount of vitamins to 1/8 teaspoon.

Due to the rapid oxidation of vitamin C, the serum should be stored in dark glass container (blue or brown) – preferably in the refrigerator.

While the use of preparations of vitamin C skin remains sensitive to light. It is, therefore, wear appropriate protective clothes.

Adding Ascorbic Acid to Wine/ Wine making

1.Measure the ascorbic acid using a tsp. Each gallon of wine should get between 1/7 and 1/5 tsp. of ascorbic acid.

2.Dump the measured amount of ascorbic acid in the center of a clean, flexible cutting mat. A flexible mat makes it easier to pour the ascorbic acid into the wine tank.

3.Pick the mat up and fold it, much like a hard taco shell. Place the end of the mat at the lip of the wine tank. Pour the ascorbic acid into the wine tank.

4.Stir the wine slowly for 45 to 60 seconds, using a stirring stick. If brewing more than 5 gallons of wine, stir for two minutes. The wine can be bottled immediately after the ascorbic acid has dissolved.


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