Ginkgo Biloba | 100% Natural & Pure Dried Loose Leaf Herbal Tea | Ginseng, Ginko


Ginkgo Biloba | 100% Natural & Pure Dried Loose Leaf Herbal Tea | Ginseng, Ginko

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This is 25g – 200g  of Ginkgo Biloba supplied in doypack pouch with grip and heat seal.

Ginkgo biloba is sometimes referred to a vegetable elixir of youth, because allows maintenance of mental and physical fitness, especially during periods of increased stress. Its active ingredients have a protective effect on the nervous system, decrease the rate of the nervous tissue degeneration that is inseparably associated with the ageing process
Ginkgo biloba origin is Japan and it is also called a Chinese tree. It is an extraordinary and long-lived tree. It is equipped with some mighty protective mechanisms making it resistant to unfavourable environmental conditions and ionising radiation.
Gingko infusion is highly appreciated by elderly as improves function of the brain, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and prevents cerebral haemorrhages.
Ginkgo biloba – use:
     • gingko leaves have a favourable effect on the cardiovascular system
     • stimulation of circulation
     • improve blood flow though the brain
     • purifying and anti-atheromatous effect on blood vessels
     • migraine
     • loss of vital strength
     • memory disorders, concentration problems, internal chaos
     • increased irritability, emotional instability
     • balance disorders
     • vision disorders
     • Alzheimer’s disease
     • disorders of peripheral circulation with intermittent claudication, pain and oedema of legs (reduced tension of vascular walls, increased flexibility,
 improved circulation and better oxygen supply); Reynaud disease
     • weakness of the myocardium
     • cataract
     • disorientation, anxiety and depression, impaired cerebral function in elderly
     • myocardial infarction, cerebral embolism – prevention
     • ageing
     • dizziness
     • for topical use in varicose vein and haemorrhoids.


Brew just like tea.
1 teaspoonful of dried leaves per 250 ml (a glass) of boiling water.
Brew under cover for 3-5 minutes.

25g, 50g, 200g


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