Ferric Chloride Solution 40% Full Strength 45 Baume


Ferric Chloride Solution 40% Full Strength 45 Baume

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Molecular formula: FeCl3
This is Ferric Chloride Solution 40% (45 Baume) supplied in HDPE bottle

Typical Applications and Benefits:

Ferric Chloride Solution is an excellent source of Fe3+ ions where the application demands a strong inorganic cationic metal salt. The applications where Ferric Chloride Solution is often the product of choice are:

•Printed Circuit Boards
– Copper etchant
Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
– Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas and odor reduction
– TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal
– Phosphorous removal
– COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reduction
– BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal
– Sludge dewatering
Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment
– Color removal
– Turbidity removal
– TOC (Total Organic Carbon) reduction

Other uses:
Used in anhydrous form as a drying reagent in certain reactions.
Used in water and wastewater treatment to precipitate phosphate as iron (III) phosphate.
Used by knife craftsmen and sword smiths to stain blades, as to give a contrasting effect to the metal, and to view metal layering or imperfections.
Used to etch the widmanstatten pattern in iron meteorites .
Necessary for the etching of photogravure plates for printing photographic and fine art images in intaglio and for etching rotogravure cylinders used in the printing industry.
Used to make printed circuit boards(PCBs).
Used in veterinary practice to treat overcropping of an animal’s claws, particularly when the overcropping results in bleeding.
Reacts with cyclopentadienylmagnesium bromide in one preparation of ferrocene, a metal-sandwich complex.
Sometimes used in the technique of Raku firing as an additive during the reduction process, turning a pottery piece a burnt orange color due to the iron content present in the reducing atmosphere.
Used to test the pitting and crevice corrosion resistance of stainless steels and other alloys.
Used in conjunction with NaI in acetonitrile to mildly reduce organic azides to primary amines.
Used in an animal thrombosis model.Dilute by an Additional 25% with water for use with copper, It can be Used for etching metals and all types of copper circuit boards.
Supplied as full strength (45 Baume), suitable for metals such as stainless steel, nickel, brass, etc.
Dilute by an additional 30% with water for use with copper.

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