DEAD SEA SALT MINERALS, Genuine from Jordan, Spa, Bath, Relax, 100% NATURAL

DEAD SEA SALT MINERALS, Genuine from Jordan


DEAD SEA SALT MINERALS, Genuine from Jordan, Spa, Bath, Relax, 100% NATURAL

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Natural product

This is 500g – 1kg of Dead Sea mineralized salt.Our product is imported direct from country of Jordan and has the highest quality that can be found on the market.
Product 100 % natural – the salt does not contain any additives , obtained by the traditional method of evaporation of water from the Dead Sea in the sunlight. The natural unprocessed salt from The Dead Sea is obtained during the production of highly mineralized carnallite salt. Compared to carnallite salt, natural unprocessed salt contains less magnesium and potassium , and much more sodium chloride (NaCl) , iron (Fe) and calcium ( Ca ) . Salt is ideal for preparing the relaxing bath. Ideal for foot baths as sodium chloride has emollient properties.
The natural unprocessed salt from the Dead Sea is the original salt from the Dead Sea .

The natural unprocessed salt from the Dead Sea is ideal for preparing brine bath for a relaxing and feet bath. To strengthen the effect , we recommend mixing natural salt from the Dead Sea with carnallite salt from the Dead Sea ( see also description of carnallite salt in our store , which we recommend to support the treatment of the skin) .

Guaranteed source of origin of our natural salts from the Dead Sea , its 100 % naturalness and excellent price, makes it one of the best-selling bath salts on the market . Especially in larger packs , the purchase of 500g of the original Dead Sea salt costs less than ordinary salt bathing in the supermarket !

Compared to magnesium -potassium salt (carnallite salt) natural unprocessed salt is lower in magnesium and potassium, as it contains about 10 x more manganese and about 5 x more iron. Manganese is known thanks to its antiseptic properties . In medicine, it is used in the fight against fungi , including athlete’s foot bath and various kinds of healing ulcers . In pharmacies manganese (Mn ) is available in the form of potassium permanganate . Iron is used in cosmetic formulations for skin regenerating . Our natural untreated salt from the Dead Sea is perfect for brine bath for a relaxing , it is also perfect for the preparation of mix bath salt with carnallite salt. In our offer these salt is called natural unprocessed salt , because acquiring it from 3rd phase evaporation ( evaporation of water from the Dead Sea ) do not give it any treatment , even purification. In this case in this salt are, for sometimes minor impurities ( like sand ), but the salt is absolutely natural , exactly the way the nature created.

RECOMMENDATION FOR THIS PRODUCT: baths relaxing, bath prophylactic anti-acne , foot bath – excessive sweating and cracking heels , rheumatism, rehabilitation of traumatic neurosis , stress , fatigue . Can be used as support therapies skin with Subject to comments below.

It is assumed , with skin therapy is better to use our richer in micro and macro elements carnallite salt. Feedback from our customers shows, however , with very good results for example in the fight against psoriasis or with the effect of oily skin is achieved also by using natural unprocessed salt or mix salt – carnallite salt with natural unprocessed salt from the Dead Sea. The argument for the use of natural unrefined salt from the Dead Sea is its significantly lower price compared to the carnallite salt. Because a therapeutic bath require large concentrations of salt in the water – a natural salt from the Dead Sea we can recommend as a component of bathing salt mix which was based on both species of salt ( for example, 1 kg of carnallite salt + 1-2 kg of natural unrefined salt ) .



Bath : Dissolve the appropriate amount of salt in warm water ; feet bath : prepare a strong solution of salt ( 100-150 grams per 1 liter of very warm water), soak about 10 minutes ,  dry with towel , do not wash with soap.

Natural unprocessed salt from the Dead Sea

DIRECTIONS : relaxing baths , foot baths

Please check the rest of application below.

We also would like you to have a look at the chart of application for this salt and all other natural products that we have in our offer.  






Atopic dermatitisCosmetic mud

Concentrated water

Carnallite salt

mud-salt soap


mud wraps, concentrated water rubbing, saline compressesMud – wraps 3 times a week in proportions 7 parts of dry mud : 1 part of mineral or boiled water. Water – rubbing a problematic section for 4-6 weeks. Baths – 3 times a week – concentration of 3% (5l water + 150g salt).
BackachesConcentrated waterrubbing, massageIt is recommended to rub the problematic section twice a day – morning and evening – massaging concentrated water into the skin.
Muscle achesUntreated salt

Carnallite salt

bathsA few minutes hot brine bath, the recommended concentration 0,1-1%.
InsomniaCarnallite saltbathsEvening bath about 30 minutes before bed time.
CelluliteCosmetic mud

Concentrated water

Carnallite salt

wraps and warm mud masks,

brine rubbing and massage, brine baths

Mud– to 7 parts of dry mud add 1 part of (preferably mineral or boiled) water, the firs use of maximum 5 minutes. Concentrated water – at a dilution 50/50 with mineral water, although each individual should develop own concentration of a solution.

Salt – bath concentration of 0,1% (calculation of the concentration: 10 l of water + 100 g of salt = 1% concentration). Recommended bath temperature of 35-40°C. It is recommended treatments 4 times a week for the next 4 weeks.

Depressions, overstrain, overwork, stress, neurosesUntreated salt

Carnallite salt

Concentrated water

baths3% concentration brine baths. Recommended 6 baths a week.
Tinea pedisUntreated salt

Carnallite salt

Concentrated water

brine feet baths, rubbing, massageRecommended feet bath temperature (concentration2-3%) is 50°C. To your favourite feet cream you can add 5-6 drops of concentrated water or use brine itself for massage. Slightly oily formula is sensationally suitable. Treatments everyday for about 4-5 weeks. Important! You can reuse brine solution until the contamination.
DandruffCosmetic mud

Concentrated water


hair masks, shampoo enrichment with concentrated waterMud – hair and scalp mask, treatment time about 5 minutes. Water – to your favourite shampoo you can add few drops of concentrated water, witch in this case will work with effect of anti-dandruff and anti-seborrhea.
PsoriasisCosmetic mud

Concentrated water
Carnallite salt

mud wraps, rubbing, baths, saline compressesMud – wraps in the form of thick slurry apply into the affected area. Water – rubbing problematic parts of your skin. Salt – saline compresses. Preparation: into the mineral water of temperature about 50°C add as much salt, to get 1-6% concentration. Then deep a clean cotton cloth/elastic bandage in the solution and apply it on the problematic area for about 40 minutes (to keep the temperature, you can additionally cover or tie the compress with dry cloth). It needs to be damp all the time.
SwellConcentrated watercompressesCold compress(chilled in the refrigerator) apply to the swollen parts about 1 – 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes.
StressUntreated salt

Carnallite salt

bathsBaths with a concentration 0,1%-1%. Any frequency of bathing.
Cracking heelsConcentrated waterrubbingAdd to your favourite feet cream 5-6 drops of concentrated water or use just concentrated water due to the oily texture.
Sweating feetConcentrated waterbrine feet baths, rubbingBaths – you can add few drops of tea tree essential to the brine, as it’s antiseptic properties.
RheumatismUntreated salt

Carnallite salt

Concentrated water

baths, hot saline compressesBaths frequency about 4-5 times a week for minimum of 4 weeks.
AcneCosmetic mud

Concentrated water

Carnallite salt

Mud-salt soap

wraps, masks (cold), wiping with a solution of concentrated water, wash with a solution of salt, baths, preventively scrubMud – cold mud mask in proportions 7 parts of mud : 1 part of mineral water, thick slurry apply into the skin. You need to remember facial skin is very sensitive, so first treatment must be treated as test. Skin burning is a normal reaction, resulting from the stimulation of blood microcirculation. Rinse off the mask at the stage of begins to dry up. You need to pay special attention to the mud doesn’t get in eyes. Water – you should add 2-3 drops of brine to your favourite cream. Baths – base of cosmetic baths is 0,1%-1% salt solution. Should last from 4 to 5 weeks. Scrub – it is advisable to mix the salt with almond oil, to obtain a uniform slurry. Scrub should take an average 3 – 4 minutes, then rinse with water without soap.
Epidermis exfoliationSalt scrubsscrubas above


Salt scrubsscrubas above



500g, 1 kg


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