Vital Minerals Copper Carbonate


Vital Minerals Copper Carbonate

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This is 250g Copper carbonate (basic) supplied in very strong HDPE bottle with tamper proof and child resistant cap.

Copper carbonate is  soluble in acids to produce the copper salt, cyanides, sodium hydroxide and ammonium salts to produce complexes. It produces copper sulphide when reacted with hydrogen sulphide.

It is used for wood preservative and in PCB systems it is used for Non-Cyanide Electroplating, overcoming the shortcoming of some substrates which cannot be plated directly. It is safer to use because of its lower toxicity. It is suitable for electro-plating of decorative material (Mg-Al alloy), car parts, machinery parts, jewellery, steel,dairy equipment etc.Copper carbonate is used in pottery and ceramics as a glaze colorant. Depending on conditions and formulation it may produce green, blue-green or copper red. Used as an organic catalyst, in firework manufacturing and as a paint agent.

Uses Aesthetic and Practical
Mined as malachite, beautiful specimens of basic copper carbonate make popular rockhound and jewelry specimens. More importantly, malachite, along with oxide and sulfide ores, may be converted to valuable copper metal. The process involves pulverization, sizing, conversion to the soluble sulfate and electrolysis, resulting in a very pure product.

Used to Form Copper Salts
Copper carbonate is readily converted to a host of industrially important copper salts. Copper carbonate is itself the salt of the very weak carbonic acid. Addition of a stronger acid replaces the carbonic acid, producing the desired salt, plus water and carbon dioxide gas. For example, copper carbonate plus acetic acid (vinegar) produces cupric acetate, water and carbon dioxide. Other common copper salts that may be prepared in this way include cupric sulfate (blue vitriol), copper chloride and copper nitrate.

Used in Pigments and Colorants
Pure copper carbonate, free of an alkaline component, has a mint green color. The presence of the alkaline component adds a tinge of blue. Alone or in combination, they are used as pigments to impart color to paints and varnish. The exact color of blue-green depends upon the ratio of the components. Copper carbonate is also used for the color it produces in pyrotechnics, such as fireworks, and in pottery glazes.

Miscellaneous Applications
Small amounts of copper carbonate are used in animal feeds and fertilizers, as a source of essential copper. For millennia, copper has played a major role in pesticide formulations and is still used in the manufacture of fungicides. One example is its use in the prevention of “stinking smut of wheat.” Thus copper carbonate is used to a limited degree to coat agricultural seeds. Control of aquatic weeds can employ copper sulfate or copper carbonate, since most water is mildly acidic. Finally, copper carbonate can be used in the preparation of alkaline copper quaternary ammonia compounds for treated lumber.


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