100g Chromium Oxide, razor strop sharpening paste, green pigment, Leather Strop


Vital Minerals Chromium Oxide Bottle
100g Chromium Oxide, razor strop sharpening paste, green pigment, Leather Strop
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Molecular formula: CR2O3

This is 100g of Chromium III oxide  supplied in HDPE bottle with tamper proof and child resistant cap. Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to meet best standard and great price.



Chromic compounds are used extensively as pigments. Chromic acid finds applications in:

wood Preservative
Metal Plating
Magnetic Tape
Copper stripping
Aluminum anodizing
Corrosion inhibitor
Purifying oil and acetylene
Oxidizer in organic synthesis.

In industrial

Another significant oxygen compound, chromic oxide is prepared by calcining sodium dichromate with boric acid or by reducing sodium dichromate with carbon. Anhydrous chromic oxide is produced commercially from chromic hydroxide, dry ammonium dichromate, or sodium dichromate by heating  with sulfur. Chromic oxide is a dark green, amorphous powder, forming hexagonal crystals on heating that are insoluble in water or acids. Most chromic oxide is used as a pigment. Anhydrous chromic oxide is known as the most stable green pigment used when heat, light and chemical resistance is required for glass, ceramics, and polymers. Its hydrate form is called Guignet’s green and used as a green pigment, particularly for automotive finishes.

Chromic compounds are also used in metallurgy in the manufacture of chromium metal and aluminium-chromium master alloys, in refractory brick, and as a chemical intermediate. They have good resistance to alkali and find application as colorant for latex paints. They are used in asphalt roofing and in camouflage paints. They are used as catalyst in the preparation of methanol, butadiene and high-density polyethylene. When used as a mild abrasive for polishing jewellery and fine metal parts, it is known as ‘green rouge’ .


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