Calcium Lactate – Food Grade


Vital Minerals Calcium Lactate
Calcium Lactate – Food Grade

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This is 80g to 1kg of Calcium lactate powder food grade –  supplied in a resealable doypack pouch.

Direction of use printed on the label.

Calcium lactate is a nutritional supplement used for the management, treatment and prevention of calcium deficiency. It is beneficial for individuals who do not receive sufficient calcium levels through their dietary intake. Calcium lactate can also be helpful in treating medical conditions that result from not having enough calcium, including weakened bones (known as rickets or osteomalacia), osteoporosis (loss of bone) and latent tetany (a muscle disorder).

As an Antacid
Calcium lactate makes an excellent quick-acting antacid. It is water-soluble and quickly dissolves and goes to work. Since it does not require the presence of stomach acid to begin working (it reacts by substitution, rather than neutralization), it can be taken with or without food.

Calcium Supplement
Calcium lactate contains a lower percentage of calcium than some other calcium supplements, so a larger milligram dosage may be required. Calcium, of course, is essential to proper health, though some need to watch their intake. Interestingly, the most prevalent metal in the human body is calcium.

Miscellaneous Food Uses
When used in Xylitol-containing chewing gum, calcium lactate has been found to enhance the remineralization of enamel lesions. Dipping cut fruit in a calcium preservative solution increases shelf life. A comparison of calcium chloride and calcium lactate proved the two equal in all areas, excepting taste. Taste was not negatively effected by the dip in calcium lactate, whereas calcium chloride imparts a measure of bitterness.

Industrial Uses
Lactic acid is produced from microbial action on sugar-beet cleansing water. There is a surprisingly large amount of lactic acid produced in this way. One important application of the resultant lactic acid is its conversion to calcium lactate for use in “flue gas desulfurization (FGD).” Calcium lactate has been used as an inert ingredient in pesticide formulations.

Allergic reactions
Some people also might experience serious allergic reactions to calcium lactate. These reactions call for immediate medical help, as they could lead to dangerous consequences. Some symptoms of allergic reaction to calcium lactate include extreme dizziness, difficulty breathing, swelling and itching (particularly of the throat, tongue and face) and skin rash.

Lactose-intolerant persons are advised not to consume products containing calcium lactate. Specific health issues may be exacerbated by the consumption of calcium antacids or supplements. Kidney stone sufferers and others need to be especially careful. Be careful, also, of drug interactions. Consult your physician.




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