Boric Acid, 100% Pure and natural antifungal, antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant


Boric Acid, 100% Pure and natural antifungal, antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant
Boric Acid, 100% Pure and natural antifungal, antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant

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Boric Acid, 100% Pure and natural antifungal, antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant 80g – 1kg

BA is also known as Hydrogen OrthoBorate, Boracic Acid, Orthoboric Acid and Acidum Boricum.


BA has many health and household uses. Some of the top ways you can use BA include:

1. Yeast Infections

Can it actually work as a natural and effective treatment for a vaginal yeast infection? It sure can. Some experts now recommend vaginal BA capsules as a treatment option for vaginal yeast infections, particularly infections that can’t be cured by antifungal yeast infection medicines. (2) That’s quite impressive.

For yeast infections, you can use BA in suppository form before bed for one to two weeks. The CDC reports that this regimen has clinical and mycologic (branch of biology that deals with fungi) eradication rates of approximately 70 percent. (3) A study published in the journal Diabetes Care has even found that vaginal BA suppositories were more effective against candida symptoms in diabetic women than an oral azole medication. (4)

Is it effective as a vaginal yeast infection treatment? Some studies reveal that it can cure up to 70 out of 100 women. (5)

2. Roach Killer

Cockroaches can infest homes and restaurants. Not only are they unsightly and repulsive, but cockroaches can pose serious health risks to humans when they find their way indoors.

Cockroaches pick up germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl through decaying matter, which may be transferred to humans through food contamination, which can lead to illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella. In addition, there is a link between cockroaches and a greater occurrence of asthma and allergy attacks as their droppings, saliva and skin sheddings contain potent allergens known to trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate asthma symptoms, especially in children.

Thankfully, BA is very effective when it comes to getting rid of cockroaches. These disgusting creepy crawlers succumb to BA simply by crawling over treated areas. The tiny particles of powder adhere to a cockroach’s body and the roach ingests the powder as it preens it from its legs and antennae. The greasy outer covering of the insect’s body also absorb some of the BA. All species of cockroaches are susceptible to BA as long as you apply the powder in the areas where the roaches live. (6)

People also use BA to kill ants, fleas, termites, silverfish, beetles, wood borers and other parasites.

3. Eyewash

When it’s heavily diluted with water, BA can be used to create an easy and effective eyewash. Whether it’s a minor irritation or the more serious and contagious eye infection, a boric acid eye wash solution can help eye problems by treating any bacterial infection and soothing inflamed eyes. That includes relief of pink eye symptoms. (7)

In case you’re doubting the use of BA in your eyes, even well-established eye washes list boric acid as one of the main ingredients. (8) To relieve symptoms of eye irritations and infections, a homemade boric acid eyewash can easily be made carefully at home.

4. Acne

Some people recommend BA for use in home acne treatments. It also appears as an ingredient in some topical products that treat acne and other skin issues. (9)

Is boric acid safe for skin? BA is naturally antibacterial, and since there is a link between some forms of acne and bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), it can help kill the bacteria causing breakouts. However, BA is not a foolproof acne remedy and can significantly irritate the skin. Many countries have actually outlawed its use in cosmetics. It also gets a very high (negative) score of 8 out of 10 for health concerns by the EWG. (10)

5. Athlete’s Foot

Boric acid power can also treat fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. Just a few sprinkles of the BA powder in your socks or stockings can help clear mild infections and ease the itching associated with athlete’s foot. An added bonus: It can also neutralize the foot odor from athlete’s foot, providing relief for stinky feet.

Why is BA effective at treating athlete’s foot? The acid changes the pH of your skin and helps remove dead skin that feeds the fungus. BA is a seriously potent fungicide, and it often clears up athlete’s foot in cases where antifungal creams have failed. (11)

6. Household Cleaner

You can use BA around the house as a cleanser, deodorizer, stain remover, disinfectant and mold killer. You can add BA to your next load of laundry for more stain-fighting power. You can also use it to clean the toilet bowl with very minimal effort required — simply put it in and wait 30 minutes.

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Boric Acid, 100% Pure and natural antifungal, antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant 80g – 1kg

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