800g Calcium Bentonite Uf50


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Vital Minerals Bentonit Bottle
800g Calcium Bentonite Uf50


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This 800g of Calcium Bentonite UF50 ultra fine, supplied in a resealable & heated sealed Aluminium pouch..
Product description
CLARIT® UF 50 is a powdered activated calcium
bentonite with excellent deproteinizing and clarification
properties. It was developed for the use in ultra filtration
systems and is used for a highly efficient clarification
and stabilization of fruit juices, wines and vinegars.
Because of its ultra fine granulometry, the extremely low
sand content and low abrassion it protects the membranes,
pipes and pumps of the ultra filtration plant.

Function and Features
CLARIT® UF 50 possesses a particularly high dispersing
capacity implying a remarkable performance in protein
adsorption, including difficult cases. It leaves compact
and low-level sediment which can be thrown out and
even used as compost. Its particular low abrasion results
in lower maintenance cost for the beverage industry.
Besides proteins, the content of unstable tanning substances,
heavy metals, biogenic amines and pesticides
residues can be reduced as well, without affecting the
beverage’s natural taste.
The pureness of CLARIT® UF 50 complies with both
International Oenological Codex prescriptions and
German wine law.

Due to its high activity and excellent clarifying capacity,
CLARIT® UF 50 is perfect for beverage stabilization
against turbidity produced by proteins, colloids and
copper haze.
It can be applied in its pure form or in combination with
coagulating agents as gelatin, silica gel, albumin and enzymes.
In case of using coagulating agents, these may be
added first to the beverage and wait at least 45 minutes
before adding the bentonite.
CLARIT® UF 50 can be suspended and added directly to
the beverage. Better results are obtained through the use
of a previously swollen suspension. In order to do so, the
product shall be poured and vigorously stirred in a 5 – 10
times larger amount of water, until obtaining a homogeneous
For profiting of the best performance, this suspension
should be left swelling for 5 to 6 hours, stirring from time
to time. While pre-swelling is not crucial, it is advisable for
preventing bentonite to settle too quickly, when contact
time is over 1 hour.
The required amount of CLARIT® UF 50 has to be
determined previously through laboratory tests using the
same beverage to be fined.
Based on preliminary tests, the recommended dosage
should be approximately 25 – 300 g/hl.

CLARIT® UF 50 is slightly hygroscopic and highly
adsorbing, thus it must be protected from humidity and
especially from strange odours.
After use, open containers should be immediately
closed again. Before use, odour ought to be tested in
an aqueous solution


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